Tandem House programme, May 2016 Mościbrody Manor Estate, Poland.

In 2016 Antony and I did 5 different Angloville programmes (and a Diverbo Englischhausen which I will blog about separately). All the programmes were really enjoyable and a great chance to meet locals. We can highly recommend doing these programmes if you are a native English speaker travelling in Europe! Participating in an Angloville programme usually means spending 5 nights in a resort or hotel in the countryside, where, as native English speakers, you receive all meals and accommodation for free. In return you […]

Rumi wisdom…

Listen with ears of Tolerance. See through eyes of Compassion. Speak with the language of Love ~ Rumi This mural was painted by a workawayer on the wall of the accommodation at the restaurant in Qeshm, Iran, where I workawayed (twice). Sarah C from Ireland painted this in January 2017 and chose the quote with the host Annelie… it’s another of Rumi’s wise sayings! The art reflects Southern Iran… camels, desert, and a woman in typical Bandari dress. I love it!

Workaway at a Wine Hostel, Georgia

A week spent in the stunning wine region of Kakheti, helping out at a wine hostel was just fantastic. We had missed the wine harvest by a few weeks so there weren’t any wine-related things to do (aside from drinking the wine) but we kept busy with various other tasks. Ucha was our host, a young Georgian guy with fantastic English and a relaxed and friendly personality. He opened up his home (which he shared with his father) to many travellers throughout the year […]

Workawaying in Armenia

Campsite, Kapan

We walked across the border from Iran into Armenia and got the visa for Armenia in just a few minutes. After the border guard had spent quite some time admiring our passports (first NZ passport he’d seen) we then had to wait for the exchange guy to finish his coffee break before we could get some local currency and a taxi to nearby Meghri. No-one was in a hurry.  The taxi driver drove incredibly slowly and tried to convince us to let him drive […]

Workawaying in Iran

Enjoying the entertainment at the Restaurant

Imagine my excitement when I first heard about the workaway website, clicked on it and saw a place in Iran profiled on the homepage! It wasn’t just any old place either… it was a restaurant on a beach! What a cool location and a great opportunity to be more than a tourist in this most fascinating country! I wrote to the host almost immediately (this was July 2015) and she must have thought it slightly odd to get a request to workaway with them […]