Money Matters Poland

Orthodox Church, Warsaw

We got just a brief look at Poland, visiting only Warsaw and Krakow, both cities I really enjoyed. We also had just over a week at Moscibrody for a couple of Angloville programmes (more on this here). In total we had 20 nights in Poland, 8 of them at Angloville. Costs are given in Polish Zloti (Zl). The exchange rate for Zloti to New Zealand dollars was 1 NZD = 2.94 zloti Accommodation Antony and I were in Poland from May 2 -22, 2016. […]

Warsaw, Poland

Old Town Square

Warsaw was the first European destination of our trip. It was a city with a great mix of architectural styles and interesting history. 85% of the city was destroyed during WW2 so most of what we saw was built after 1945. We stayed in a soviet style Air B & B apartment with a nice couple who were away most of the time we were there. The place was quite funky and had a huge balcony with great views of the city. In between the […]