Outdoor Art in Tehran

No visit to Tehran is complete without a look at the former US Embassy and the dramatic anti-American images on its walls. These images, commissioned by the government, show an Iran that is sometimes represented in western media, yet one which we rarely saw evidence of. Whilst palaces, nature, ancient historical sites, deserts, hospitable people and great food contribute strongly to the impression of the country, for the tourist a place like this is also interesting to see, as the events that emerged from here […]

Tehran’s palaces

Tiles & Mosaics, Golestan Palace, Tehran

Golestan Palace When we got to Tehran Antony wasn’t feeling too flash so I set off to explore a couple of palaces on my own and left him at the hotel to recover.  First up was Golestan Palace, in walking distance from where we stayed. I wasn’t alone for long as there was a large queue outside and some friendly locals started chatting with me in line. Later inside we were taking selfies together (of course!) before going our separate ways. There are 17 […]

Sa’adabad Complex & Darband Mountain, Tehran

Tehran view from Darband.

Finally, after almost two months in the country, we made it to the Iranian capital, Tehran. We heard that Noruz was a great time to visit as most people return to their villages or hometowns for the New Year celebrations leaving Tehran much quieter and much less smoggier than it usually is. This proved true – the roads were very quiet, it was possible to get a seat on the metro and the air was fine to breathe! We headed to a lovely area […]