Operation Refugee

Day 5 Operation Refugee

Art class

Today, June 20th, is World Refugee Day and the last day of Operation Refugee. It has been a really interesting experience eating these refugee rations. I am stoked we have been able to raise so much money for refugees… together our sponsors have donated $2395. My individual total is the highest at the moment, being $1759 but I’d love to see it get to $2000. People can donate for another month so it’s not too late! Click here if you want to support Syrian […]

Day 4 Operation Refugee

Day 4 Lunch

Our first night in the tent went without a hitch… the forecast rain was very light and came around 6.45am after Antony was already up and inside. It wasn’t too cold outside, about 3 degrees the low. I was toasty warm in my sleeping bag with a long sleeve merino top, PJ pants and a warm hat. Antony had just boxers on but was warm enough – such a hottie 😉 We both slept fine. Frost and minus 1 forecast tonight though! Usually on […]

Operation Refugee Day 2

Making Flatbread

Day 2 of eating refugee rations was a lovely sunny Saturday… Conveniently my 9am web-meeting was cancelled so I stayed in bed until 10, reading and catching up with friends’ news and their videos of travel adventures etc. So lovely not to be rushing off anywhere. We had a late breakfast, same thing as yesterday but not quite as tasty. Rice with cinnamon. It overflowed – again- you have to be quite observant cooking rice, beans etc. This is now the third pot of […]