Money Matters Poland

Orthodox Church, Warsaw

We got just a brief look at Poland, visiting only Warsaw and Krakow, both cities I really enjoyed. We also had just over a week at Moscibrody for a couple of Angloville programmes (more on this here). In total we had 20 nights in Poland, 8 of them at Angloville. Costs are given in Polish Zloti (Zl). The exchange rate for Zloti to New Zealand dollars was 1 NZD = 2.94 zloti Accommodation Antony and I were in Poland from May 2 -22, 2016. […]


Tandem House programme, May 2016 Mościbrody Manor Estate, Poland.

In 2016 Antony and I did 5 different Angloville programmes (and a Diverbo Englischhausen which I will blog about separately). All the programmes were really enjoyable and a great chance to meet locals. We can highly recommend doing these programmes if you are a native English speaker travelling in Europe! Participating in an Angloville programme usually means spending 5 nights in a resort or hotel in the countryside, where, as native English speakers, you receive all meals and accommodation for free. In return you […]

How can you afford to travel for a year?

Happy travellers! Exploring Gozo by bike, Malta.

Many people ask us (or perhaps want to ask); ‘How can you afford to travel for a year?’ The short answer; We spend less when travelling than we do at home! We spent less flying around the world for a year than we did at home in Ashburton the previous year. If we factor in the income we earned from renting out our house while we travelled, the cost of travelling was actually less than half the cost of living at home. And this was when […]

Money Matters in the Czech Republic

Here’s what we spent in the wonderful Czech Republic. Aside from our 6 days at Angloville where all expenses were covered, Antony and I spent 10 days in the Czech Reublic. The currency is Czech kroner. 18 kroner = $1 NZD Accommodation We spent 6 nights in central Prague with friends in a BnB we shared the cost of. It was not cheap but in a really good location. After a week of Angloville we returned to Prague for 2 nights and stayed with my […]

Money Matters Georgia

Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries we travelled in, in 2016 and it happens to be the cheapest. With budget airlines like WIZZ Air flying in and out of Kutaisi from all over Europe, holidays here are very affordable! Here’s an idea of how much it costs to travel in Georgia. Costs are given in Georgian Lari (GEL). The exchange rate for Lari to New Zealand dollars is 1GEL = $ 0.54 NZD. Accommodation: Antony and I travelled in Georgia in April […]

Money matters Armenia

Armenian Visa - at the border. 3000 AMD = $8.75 NZD pp.

So, how much does it cost to travel in Armenia? Here’s the lowdown on our expenditure… Antony and I spent 18 days in Armenia, travelling from April 5, 2016 until we headed over the border into Georgia on April 22. Costs are given in Armenian Dram. The exchange rate for Dram to New Zealand dollars is 344 AMD = $1 NZD Accommodation. Out of the 17 nights we spent in Armenia: 10 nights were free (8 nights at a workaway placement in Kapan where we […]

Money Matters Iran

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I kept a record of every cent we spent in Iran, so we know how much money we spent on what. Hopefully the info below can give you a rough guide in terms of costs if you plan on travelling to Iran. There are no ATMS in Iran that accept foreign cards so you must take USD or Euros in cash and exchange them. We took USD and the rate we had in Feb & March 2016 was 1USD = 34,000 Rial. My husband and […]

What’s different in Iran?

We encountered a few curious things in Iran, things we would not see in our own country, New Zealand. Of course the language, the landscapes, the food and the people are different, as they are in every country. I might get round to writing a post about the food one day and some of the differences I touch on in my various blogposts. But here are some things I can think of that stood out for me as ‘different’ in Iran, that I haven’t […]