Bethells Beach

Workaway at Home

Host Tim, Karuna Falls Community, Coromandel

In 2015 Antony and I were hosts on the site where we had the pleasure of hosting a few overseas travellers. They cleaned all our windows and helped with weeding the garden when we couldn’t keep on top of it and in return we gave them a nice place to stay and food to eat. Wwoofing is very common in New Zealand but is mostly for those wanting to help on farms. Helpx and the similar site are not as well known but […]

Around Auckland (North Island 3 of 3)

With ridiculous house prices, urban sprawl and terrible traffic, I sometimes wonder why so many people choose to live in Auckland. Especially when there are so many gorgeous, much cheaper, alternatives. We didn’t spend a lot of time in Auckland itself on this trip but explored some stunning places nearby which helped me see some of the attraction of living in the big smoke. And maybe the good, good people that live here make it hard for some to move away. We certainly caught […]