Outdoor Art in Tehran

No visit to Tehran is complete without a look at the former US Embassy and the dramatic anti-American images on its walls. These images, commissioned by the government, show an Iran that is sometimes represented in western media, yet one which we rarely saw evidence of. Whilst palaces, nature, ancient historical sites, deserts, hospitable people and great food contribute strongly to the impression of the country, for the tourist a place like this is also interesting to see, as the events that emerged from here […]


Breathtaking dome, lattice windows & mosaic walls in the Sanctuary, Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah, Esfahan.

Esfahan is home to about 1.8 million people and is Iran’s number one tourist destination – and with good reason. It is a beautiful city and we were lucky to see it when the river was full of water (not always the case!).  The first night we were there our lovely couch surf host Mohammad and his sister took us into town where we walked along the Zayandeh River admiring many different bridges, old and new. The Si-o-seh bridge (pictured below) was built between […]

Colour Explosion – Hormoz Island, Iran

Rainbow Valley, Hormoz

Wow- Hormoz is a geologist’s dream and an inspiration for artists with Rainbow Valley, numerous salt caves & fascinating colours everywhere. The 42-sq-km island is an hour on the ferry from Qeshm and aside from a very small settlement at the port the place is virtually uninhabited. Most people who visit hire a tuktuk with driver to take them around the island for a few hours before taking the last ferry home that day. A few choose to explore on foot and carry a […]