Money Matters Poland

We got just a brief look at Poland, visiting only Warsaw and Krakow, both cities I really enjoyed. We also had just over a week at Moscibrody for a couple of Angloville programmes (more on this here). In total we had 20 nights in Poland, 8 of them at Angloville.

Costs are given in Polish Zloti (Zl). The exchange rate for Zloti to New Zealand dollars was 1 NZD = 2.94 zloti



Antony and I were in Poland from May 2 -22, 2016. 8 of the 20 nights were spent at Angloville where we didn’t pay for accommodation or food.  We had 4 nights in Warsaw sharing a flat with a laid back Polish couple, 1 night in another air B & B place in Warsaw afer Angloville and then 7 nights in Krakow in an Ikea furnished studio apartment near the river.

Total for 12 nights paid accommodation: 1,823 zl  = $620 NZD
Average per night (for a couple):  $52 NZD

Accommodation, Warsaw


We used local trams in both cities and walked a lot. We tried to hire a bike in Warsaw but it wasn’t that successful. Bikes that came with our Bnb in Krakow weren’t much of a success either with a really squeaky bike, flat tire and a bike much too big for Ants. Oh well- we hired some here for a day. We travelled 542 km in Poland on public transportation, excluding the travel for Angloville.

Total Transport costs for two people: 353 zl = $120 NZD
Per km cost (for two people): $0.22 NZD

Top: Warsaw Metro. Bottom: Ants on a hire bike, Jewish quarter, Krakow.


We mostly cooked our own food in the evenings but also ate out. In Warsaw we went to an amazing sushi restaurant that had a really good lunch deal… so good we went twice! Our first night in Krakow we had some interesting experiences trying to find a restaurant that was open and still had food! It had been a public holiday and everyone ate out at lunchtime so the restaurants were out of food. We visited a great vegetarian burger joint and a traditional restaurant recommended by a Polish kiwi friend at home. Both were good. Very near our Warsaw accommodation was a really good bakery with delicious and cheap sweet treats. The bakeries elsewhere in Poland were a huge disappointment in comparison. We found food in the supermarket to be very cheap and eating out reasonable. Our 8 nights at Angloville were without food costs as all meals were provided for us, so the following costs are for the remaining 12 days.

Total food costs: 1,098 zl = $373 NZD
Per day (for a couple):  $31NZD or $15.50 NZD per person.

Not your typical Polish food but it was delicious! Vegan burgers Krakow, Sushi & a yummy pastry, Warsaw.

Sightseeing & Activities

We did lots of free things in Warsaw but in Krakow spent money going to Auschwitz and also the Salt Mine. In both cities we also spent money visiting a couple of museums. Churches were free to visit and if they weren’t we didn’t go in.

Total activities costs: 505 zl $172
Per day: $14 NZD for a couple or $7 NZD per person

Salt Mine, near Krakow

Health/ toiletries costs: 129 zl = $ 44 NZD

Communication costs (postcards, stamps, internet, phone): 145zl = $49 NZD

Clothing: 0

Total cost for our time in Poland: $1378 NZD

Cost per day (excluding days at Angloville): $115 (for two) or $57 per person

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