Day 5 Operation Refugee

Today, June 20th, is World Refugee Day and the last day of Operation Refugee.

It has been a really interesting experience eating these refugee rations. I am stoked we have been able to raise so much money for refugees… together our sponsors have donated $2395. My individual total is the highest at the moment, being $1759 but I’d love to see it get to $2000. People can donate for another month so it’s not too late! Click here if you want to support Syrian Refugees and see our total go higher!

More than fundraising, the experience has been a chance to think about refugees and their lives. To do a small act of solidarity. I can recommend the experience to anyone.

So night 2 of sleeping in a tent we survived… I was toasty in my sleeping bag but my nose was so cold! I woke up a few times, reburied my face in the sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep again. Nice frost on the tent and the lawn in the morning.

Frost on the tent this morning!

Breakfast was again rice and cinnamon. (For the final time!!)

I spent the morning in the local Intermediate School relieving for the Art teacher. With three different classes I shared about Operation Refugee and World Refugee day, encouraging them to be grateful for the food they were about to eat at the breaks. The students in one class had talked a bit about refugees before and were doing art related to disasters, some quite solemn but much of it inspiring hope.

Art class

Lunch at school was rushed and I forgot to photograph it! Rice with sprouted lentils and some spicy chickpeas. Not bad. Antony had one whole can of tuna. (I’d given him mine as I’m allergic to fish).

Lunch in the sun

Dinner we had rice (3rd time today!) with some cooked lentils and some raisins. I decided that my treat for raising more than $1000 would be a cup of raisins to add to the Adas Polo (a lentil & rice dish I had in Iran). I cooked fresh rice and instead of doing my usual way I followed instructions from the resource kit we were given. [Heat 2 Tbs oil in a pot, throw in rice, mix round, add boiling water, stir and let boil for 2 minutes. Put on lid, do not remove it. Take off the heat and leave for 20 minutes] It worked perfectly!


Dinner was woolfed down fast before a meeting at 5:30pm. I made a yoghurt dressing with the other yoghurt we’d earned, juice from half a lemon and our friend Morrocan Spice mix. All very good really. Plenty more lentils and rice to be had so guess what I’ll be eating tomorrow!? Look forward to being able to add a fresh carrot salad to it though!

World Refugee Day is nearing to an end here in New Zealand. It makes me sad to think NZ takes so few refugees each year. Per 1000 people Sweden take 14.77, Norway 9.24, Canada 4.2, UK 1.85, USA 0.83 and NZ 0.3 🙁

The least we could do is double the quota. Let’s hope whoever is elected in September commits NZ to doing our fair share in terms of matching per capita intakes of similar countries.

Thanks to all those who have supported us! Every donation is noted and has been appreciated. Our last night in a tent tonight… tomorrow I get to eat a normal breakfast- yahoo!!


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