Money Matters in the Czech Republic

Here’s what we spent in the wonderful Czech Republic. Aside from our 6 days at Angloville where all expenses were covered, Antony and I spent 10 days in the Czech Reublic. The currency is Czech kroner. 18 kroner = $1 NZD

A few of the many wonderful places we visited in Prague.


We spent 6 nights in central Prague with friends in a BnB we shared the cost of. It was not cheap but in a really good location. After a week of Angloville we returned to Prague for 2 nights and stayed with my Kyrgyz friend Gazi and her family. Next we spent 2 nights in the south of the country at the popular Cesky Krumlov in a Bnb right in the heart of the old town.

Total Cost for Accommodation: 11,664 kr = $648 NZD
Per paid night for a couple: $81 NZD


In Prague we mostly cooked in the apartment in the evenings and when at Gazi’s enjoyed Kyrgyz home cooking. Quite often we bought lunch out or snacks during the day when we were sightseeing.
Total cost of food for two: 6,510 kr = $362 NZD
Food cost per day for two: $36 NZD  or $18 NZD per person

Top: Eating Kyrgyz ‘plov’ at Gazi’s. Bottom: Gena & Chris made delicious Mexican for dinner one night.

Once we arrived in Prague we walked most places and took trams, buses and the metro if we needed to get further afield. We took the train for our two day trips from Prague. From Prague to Cesky Krumlov we took a bus complete with own screens, headsets and a choice of tv/ movies to watch (in Czech language!). Excluding the Angloville trip and city tripping around we covered 372 kms.

Total transport costs (for two): 2617 kr. =$145 NZD
Transport costs per km (for two): $0.39 NZD

Top: Checking out the city map on the bus. Bottom: Walking the streets in Prague.

Activities & Sightseeing
We saw some wonderful places in Prague, like the castle and libraries which had entry fees. Synagogues also had fees so we only went inside one. We spent more time walking the city and enjoying the free sights- the architecture, parks, river etc. rather than going to places that had entry fees.
Total activities/ sightseeing costs (for two): 2,349 kroner = $131NZD
Per day sightseeing costs for two: $13 NZD or $6.50 NZD per person.

We enjoyed free sights- like hanging out in the Town Square and soaking up the atmosphere.

We bought some postcards and stamps here but no sim card.
Total cost for Post: 176kroner = $10 NZD

We spent just 30 kroner = $2 NZD on toilet visits.

I bought one scarf for 190 kroner = $11 NZD.


Total cost for our time in the Czech Republic: 23,536Kr = $1,307 NZD

Cost per day (for two): $130 NZD or $65 per person


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