Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is an incredibly picturesque fairy-tale like town in Bohemia, in the south west of the Czech Republic. Its historic Old Town which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site is almost completely ringed by the Vltava river.

Top: Our first glimpse of Cesky Krumlov as we walk from the bus stop to our hotel in the old city. Bottom: Map showing the heart of the Old Town ringed by the river

The main attraction here is the Česky Krumlov Castle which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like the Old City which it overlooks. We stayed right in the heart of the Old City and it took just a few minutes to walk to the bridge below the castle. From there you could see how the castle, dating back to 1240 but considerably redeveloped between the 16th and 18th centuries, was built into and incorporated the rock on the hill.

L: Looking down from the castle grounds. R: Looking up at the bridge built where there was a gap in the rock the castle was built upon

Top: Looking down at the Old City from the castle tower. Bottom: Looking across the castle buildings

The Castle, made up of several buildings, is unusually large given the small size of the city. We enjoyed our wander around the grounds including the gardens and inside the museum but the views over the river and the city were the highlights!

Top: Looking right from the castle. Bottom: Looking left at the castle buildings

Panorama from the Castle Tower

Autumn leaves, ponds, fountains and hedges in the castle gardens.

Castle grounds

We stayed just 2 nights in Česky Krumlov and didn’t have time to visit the art gallery we’d been recommended. Maybe next time! We did wander around a bit in the city and found a cool restaurant serving traditional medieval style food with plenty of vegetarian options. It was so good we ate there twice 🙂

Antoni… pretty popular guy!

Medieval Restaurant!


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