Rumi wisdom…

Listen with ears of Tolerance. See through eyes of Compassion. Speak with the language of Love ~ Rumi This mural was painted by a workawayer on the wall of the accommodation at the restaurant in Qeshm, Iran, where I workawayed (twice). Sarah C from Ireland painted this in January 2017 and chose the quote with the host Annelie… it’s another of Rumi’s wise sayings! The art reflects Southern Iran… camels, desert, and a woman in typical Bandari dress. I love it!

Life, Death & the year 2016

It is the last day of 2016. A memorable year for many reasons. On the international stage it seems the year has been full of alarming events (Brexit, Trump’s election, heightening of the Syrian refugee crisis, Standing Rock, truck attacks in Nice and Berlin, the rise of right wing party popularity across Europe etc.). In New Zealand our prime minister standing down mid term was also rather surprising. On a more personal level, I have had THE most amazing year one could really wish […]